Has comfort replaced passion in Denmark?

If I was to ask a Dane if they’d prefer a life of comfort and security over a life of passion and risk what once do you think they’d choose?


New Zealand isn’t a wealthy country in the same sense Denmark is. We have the highest growing rate of inequality between rich and poor of the OECD countries, our healthcare isn’t fully free and we have to pay for university education.

But in my opinion, we’re far richer than Denmark in many other areas. Perhaps the primary one being passion.

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Keeping it Real:Personal Relations in Denmark

It’s a well known fact that the Danes have no time for petty forms of etiquette- they say it how it is and they expect others to do the same. Either you’re friends with someone or you’re not. Either the shop has the product you’re looking for or they don’t.

And if someone asks you a question, even something a Kiwi would consider ‘personal’ as ‘what size bra do you wear?’, then you’re expected to give an honest answer. Continue reading

The search for the elusive cup of ‘good Danish coffee’

‘Good coffee’ is a relative term here in Denmark. When a native tells you that such and such has the best coffee you soon learn to treat this recommendation with great intrepidation.

Now I never considered myself a coffee snob before I got to Denmark. I mean compared to my uncle who would send a coffee back if it had been extracted for point five of a second too long I was relatively mild. Continue reading

Who wears the pants here?

“You know why I like this country?” a Swissman says to me while smoking outside a bar one night, “it’s because of the Danish bike girls”

These 6 foot tall, blonde, blue eyed, Scandinavian specimen are extremely intriguing for any foreigner – myself included. It’s something about the way they manage to look so effortlessly cool while wearing a short skirt and biking through rush hour traffic. Continue reading

Denmark’s prettier, more charming cousin….Sweden

A couple of weeks ago now I embarked on my first trip to Sweden’s beautiful capital-Stockholm. I can’t believe I haven’t ventured to this beautiful city before now…and now I’m even more determined to get my NZ friends to go there… as the usual OE experience doesn’t often include Scandinavia.

To the Danes, the Swedes are like the cousin they’re a little jealous of. Continue reading

I’ve forgotten how good rugbrød is!

Not much has changed since I left Denmark in 2008 – it’s like the country was waiting until I returned to make any drastic changes.

But the food- oh how I have missed it. I never thought I’d be so happy to see the day when I can once again eat rugbrød (very dark heavy bread), salty liquorice, herring in a can, and Carlsberg that I can now buy in one litre cans! I can imagine from that list that you won’t think much of Danish cuisine…but at least come and give it a try. Continue reading