Mind if I flirt with your boyfriend? Making sense of the Danish flirt

I tossed it up for three weeks debating whether do this post or not, based on an article I read that stated ’90 percent of Danes don’t consider it cheating to flirt with another person when they’ve got a girlfriend or boyfriend’.

 But I have decided to do it for the following reasons…and the following reasons only:

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The Danes and their Bikes: A love story.

There’s Romeo and Juliette, Brad and Angelina, Greenlanders and alcohol, New Zealanders and Marmite….and Danes and a bike.

This girl even got a matching child!

The one common thread these “couples” share is that they just “go together”. There can’t be one without the other. They’re yin and yang, Sun and Moon, North and South. Continue reading

Who wears the pants here?

“You know why I like this country?” a Swissman says to me while smoking outside a bar one night, “it’s because of the Danish bike girls”

These 6 foot tall, blonde, blue eyed, Scandinavian specimen are extremely intriguing for any foreigner – myself included. It’s something about the way they manage to look so effortlessly cool while wearing a short skirt and biking through rush hour traffic. Continue reading