Love it or hate it!

The beauty of being at a festival like Roskilde is you get to explore new bands. Be it up and coming ones, or acts you’ve never even heard of. I’ve done a lot of this here, and especially on the advice of some of my more ‘musically-oriented’ friends.

But it swings on the extreme end either way for me- I come out LOVING the band or HATING them.

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Music: One, Weather: Nil

What would Roskilde be without a little rain right? Keeps people on their toes, reminds them what it’s like not to have it so easy and most it all it makes people appreciate the music even more.

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Why did you come to Roskilde Festival?

It’s the age old question here. Is it the camping and the parties and the good times with strangers or is to check out the best international and national bands that Roskilde has to offer.

I came to Roskilde on Thursday… and according to some missed the ‘best part’. According to others I’ve just made it in time for the absolute highlights. Continue reading