Keep Denmark clean…..give a German a pair of speedos!

Denmark and Germany…..a relationship of mutual admiration, acceptance and love.

Now if you’re a Dane reading that or have lived in Denmark for more than two weeks you’ll know I used large amounts of irony there.

But apart from being slightly more sophisticated, stylish, linguistically superior and a tad wealthier than the Germans I really don’t see what the Danes have against their southern neighbours? Continue reading


The search for the elusive cup of ‘good Danish coffee’

‘Good coffee’ is a relative term here in Denmark. When a native tells you that such and such has the best coffee you soon learn to treat this recommendation with great intrepidation.

Now I never considered myself a coffee snob before I got to Denmark. I mean compared to my uncle who would send a coffee back if it had been extracted for point five of a second too long I was relatively mild. Continue reading