Who wears the pants here?

“You know why I like this country?” a Swissman says to me while smoking outside a bar one night, “it’s because of the Danish bike girls”

These 6 foot tall, blonde, blue eyed, Scandinavian specimen are extremely intriguing for any foreigner – myself included. It’s something about the way they manage to look so effortlessly cool while wearing a short skirt and biking through rush hour traffic.

It’s been well known for centuries that Swedish women are among the most beautiful in the world but I think their Danish cousins are finally showing themselves to be equally on par. According to travellersdigest.com Denmark is in the top ten when it comes to counties with the most beautiful women “the women here are as striking as they come” it says. Again on mademan.com Denmark rates third in terms of countries with beautiful women. Mademan.com goes onto say, “The capital, Copenhagen, has a thriving art scene and a variety of museums, meaning that the ladies you’re going to meet here are both lovely and intellectual.”

But what about the men?? Well I must admit I did a Google search on this and to be honest there wasn’t that much that came up……so I guess this leaves it up to me to give you my educated opinion.

Danish men are hot. But they aren’t for everyone. If you’re looking for beautiful facial features, amazing eyes and tanned skin this is the right country for you…if you’re looking for a chiseled rugby player with three days stubble this is wrong place.Can I just spend a moment talking about the men’s eyes here though- now this deserves a paragraph to itself. When God created man, and the different eye colours, I think he decided to be a bit more creative when it came to Scandinavia. In the time I’ve been here, I’ve met men with green eyes in all shades – there’s jungle green, emerald green, forest green, olive green, sea green, shamrock green and asparagus green. In the blues there’s royal blue, sky blue, steel blue, cobalt blue, deep sky blue and Yale blue.

The eyes!

…God then looked down on the Danes and called them “good”.


But while my Google search on Danish men and their looks didn’t return much there was an overwhelming amount on Danish men and their personality…mainly in public forums written by foreign women trying to understand Danish men and their approach to dating.

They question they all asked was why are Danish men so confusing to women?

One site was titled ‘sure they’re hot, but why are they so shy?’ I too have noticed Danish men do have a stand-offish quality. When I first arrived here I found this to be very disconcerting. I mean I know my accent is strange but do you really have to look like you’d rather be fishing for herring in the North Sea than standing there talking to me?

A little while ago I was in a bar in Copenhagen. A lot of foreigners were there but also a lot of Danes too. Initially I was approached by a German guy, then an Austrian and a bit later a French guy. No Danes. But next to me was a group of Danish guys having a roaring good time playing some sort of game. They weren’t out there, they were just enjoying themselves in a “lets keep to ourselves kind of way”.

Well they looked way more fun than the Austro-Germanic click that I was in, so I decided to introduce myself. Now I’ve noticed the key here is if you go 70% with initial contact with a Dane, they’ll go 30% and then make up for it by going an extra 90% later. Four hours later we were all dancing in a club and they were acting like we were long lost friends from way back (this is not to be confused with the dodgy attitude that some guys have when they just want to score).

But this still doesn’t answer my question- why are Danish guys so initially shy?

After talking to many Danish men about this they all have the same response

“Why do we need to be so forward when all the women are?”

The gender roles here in Denmark are seemly transparent. Equality of the sexes in Denmark is held in extremely high regard. Women are expected to do anything a man can do and men are expected to embrace this and appreciate it. Never have I seen a country who takes this attitude so seriously. I was talking with a Danish male friend once and I said “when I have children I’ll be a stay at home mum”. He nearly fell off his chair at this comment and forcefully replied “don’t you want your husband to do 50% of the work with the children?” He was shocked that I had taken my gender and heaven forbid assigned a “role” to it and a stereotypical one at that.

Many of the top roles in government here are held by women eg: Lene Espersen, Minister of Foreign Affairs. There’s even a council called the ‘Equal Status Council’ that’s primary aim is to make sure women are represented in all areas of life.

Now coming from the country that was the first to give women the vote of course I’m pleased about this liberating approach to females, and yes I wouldn’t mind if my husband wanted to take “paternity leave” but this so called “liberation” has “emasculated” the Danish male population and it’s never more obvious than in the dating realm.

An American columnist living in Denmark once wrote “the relations between the sexes in Denmark are the strangest I’ve ever seen. The women do everything: they initiate, they seduce, they even get on top, and the men seem to expect it…don’t return a Frenchman’s calls, and he will become intrigued and pursue you until the end of the Earth. Don’t return a Dane’s phone call (singular) and he will forget the whole thing”.

But in defense of the men, while they may lack a little when it comes to initial relations (as I said, you go 70%, they go 30% ) they do make up for it. While chivalry may be lacking here, loyalty is not, and their sincerity and humour are top notch in my opinion.

So in conclusion…yes girls you can always enjoy the aesthetic looks of a Danish man but if you want it to go past this then you’ll have to do much of the leg work.

Yes can you believe our Aragorn is from here

Danish Crown Prince Frederick started a trend by marrying an Australian…..perhaps all the Danish men could do themselves a favour and find their own Mary.

P.S For all my Danish friends of the male persuasion, please know these are merely my thoughts and I have yet to gather concrete data for all of these observations. You know I think you’re all fantastic just how you are (just open a few more doors).


5 thoughts on “Who wears the pants here?

  1. “Perhaps what the men need are foreign girls to liberate them from this atmosphere of feminism they find themselves surrounded by?”

    Feminism is the way forward Emily! Its a good thing! no-one needs to be liberated from feminism, we need more of it to make up for the lack everywhere else. And I am sure you have no problem introducing yourself to boys 😉

    Hurray for Denmark! Although I will never be able to compete with ‘hot danish bike girl’

  2. Wow, Oliver Bjerrehuus is stunning. If most of the men in Denmark look like him, then there are a lot of beautiful men running around that country.

  3. Let me just say that as a Hetalian, I really do find the Danes quite hot. And now because of reading this article, I might actually try to get a Dane. (I don’t know if it’ll work out because I’m not that attractive nor am I an extrovert, but I can try…)
    And I was fully with you until you made the anti-feminist comment. I believe that Feminism is a good thing; no woman should be made a helpless object.

  4. It’s true…..I have to do all the work. I was the one emailing and contacting him and asking him out….I hated every minute of it and it’s so annoying but it’s worth it if it means I’ll score with a really gorgeous beautiful Dane. They’re weird gorgeous creatures and confusing….not sure if they’re worth the effort.

  5. I love danish man. I have found one myself and yes, he is shy, but he calls me all the time, so he does a lot of the trying and I am for once so sure about his loyalty. I just think, I have been finally lucky with this blue eyed creature with a terrific smile.

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