I’ve forgotten how good rugbrød is!

Not much has changed since I left Denmark in 2008 – it’s like the country was waiting until I returned to make any drastic changes.

But the food- oh how I have missed it. I never thought I’d be so happy to see the day when I can once again eat rugbrød (very dark heavy bread), salty liquorice, herring in a can, and Carlsberg that I can now buy in one litre cans! I can imagine from that list that you won’t think much of Danish cuisine…but at least come and give it a try.So you know you’re in Denmark when you need higher grades to get into journalism than you do medicine…..Yes I’m being totally serious, so you can imagine people’s reactions when I tell them I have a degree in journalism!

And ah yes the Danish language….renown across the globe as being one of the most trying languages to learn simply because the words on the page don’t actually match how you pronounce them at all! I tried to order a Danish the other day and I was met with giggles from the shop assistant- when I asked her if I sounded really bad she just says “yes” (this also says something about the quality of customer service here). Well at least they’re honest.

I feel very proud to a Kiwi here as Flight of the Concords had two sell out concerts here a few weeks ago so Kiwi’s are the flavour of the month right now. I was asked yesterday to perform the ‘Business Time’ song as I’m the only person around with the kiwi accent that can deliver the line “you say something sexy like I think I might go to bed now I have work in the morning” properly.

Yesterday was a beautiful day though and I knew I was back in Denmark as I sat on a hill overlooking a beautiful castle eating koldskål and playing ultimate Frisbee.

So I best be off to download some more Aqua and try some of that hideous leverpostej.


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